The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at CSUSB’s Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration hosted its much-anticipated annual Business Brunch at the Sierra Lakes Golf Club in Fontana on Sunday, Feb. 25. This event, a cornerstone of the program's calendar, serves as an opportunity for students and alumni alike to cultivate connections that fuel academic and professional success.

Nearly 80 alumni and current students connected at the event, exchanging experiences, insights, and aspirations in an engaged and lively atmosphere. Among the attendees was Anthony Escoto, an information technology consultant at CSUSB and alumnus from the Class of ’23, who shared: “It’s a great opportunity to network with the other students and alumni, some of whom have the same career path as mine.”

Current student Rochelle Reynoldson expressed her enthusiasm about the event, highlighting the valuable connections made: “This gives me a chance to connect in person with other students, alumni and the MBA staff. I had such good conversations, I could have stayed and talked for hours!”

Kasandra Adams ’16, assistant director at CSUSB's Cybersecurity Center, echoed Escoto's sentiment, emphasizing the event's effectiveness in promoting meaningful conversations: “The MBA program has paired students up with alumni based on topic, and I think it has made the conversation flow really well.”

Central to the Business Brunch experience is the deliberate seating arrangement, where students find themselves sharing tables with alumni established in industries aligned with their career aspirations, including human resources, cybersecurity and finance. The table discussions, led by alumni, provide a platform for students to gain insights, seek guidance, and forge connections that often transcend the boundaries of professional networks.

“I loved the table topics, and the alumni at my table had a lot to contribute,” said current student Bianca Serrano of the structured table discussions. “It was a good event. I’m glad I went.”

Reflecting on her journey from student to professional, Yomara Donis ’20 and current IT project manager for NAVSEA, highlighted the role of alumni in shaping her career trajectory: “When I was a student, I didn’t have any direction, and meeting alumni helped me get to where I am now. I feel like this is my opportunity to give back.”

The Business Brunch has captured the essence of mentorship and community within CSUSB’s MBA program. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, it empowers students to navigate their career paths with confidence and purpose.