Upper Santa Clara River Watershed

The Watertalks Needs Assessment Report

The Needs Assessment Report summarizes data and analysis of stakeholder and community input regarding water-related needs and issues.  Input was received through outreach to communities and institutions, including surveys and community engagement events in 2019-2020.

Funding for Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program (DACIP) Projects in the Upper Santa Clara River Watershed

WaterTalks invites stakeholders in the Santa Clara River Watershed seeking funding for competitive projects that will benefit DACs, economically distressed areas (EDAs), and other underrepresented communities to fill out the DACIP Project Description Form.

  • Watch the WaterTalks Webinar: Funding for Water-Related Projects to learn how to develop a project for submission. Note that this webinar was held for Ventura County participants, but also applies to USCR.
  • View the presentation from the WaterTalks Webinar: Funding for Water-Related Projects in Ventura County (PDF | PPT).

Community Resources

Access community-specific Toolkits providing information about specific water resources information.

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WaterTalks Newspaper

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